3 Tips for Incontinence Product Disposal

3 Tips for Incontinence Product Disposal

Tip #1 - Use Disposable Bags

use plastic bag for disposal

It is convenient and cost-effective to dispose of used incontinence products with disposable bags. Stores provide single-use plastic bags that you can reuse or purchase disposable bags.

Bring a disposable bag with you if you're out in public. Placing your used products in a bag allows you to contain odors and discreetly dispose of items. When it’s time to change, simply wrap up your diaper, underwear or pad tightly, place it in the bag and tie a tight knot. This will allow you to discreetly take your used product from the bathroom stall to the garbage.

Do you ever find that your used incontinence products smell even when they’re in the garbage? Disposable plastic bags are also an effective solution to this problem. When you’re finished with a product, wrap it up tightly and place it in the bag and be sure to tie a secure knot. Then place the individual bag in the garbage. During and after disposal, bagging soiled items will help control any unwanted odors. 

Tip #2 - Don’t Flush Incontinence Products

Incontinence products should never be flushed down the toilet, 

don't flush down toilet
whether you're out in public or at home. Liquid is absorbed by adult diapers, underwear, and pads. All of these products will continue to absorb water if you flush them, resulting in major pipe blockages.


It is also imperative to mention that incontinence products are not
suitable for recycling everywhere
you go. Check with your local municipality to find out if your incontinence should be disposed of in the garbage or the green bin.

Tip #3 - Get an At Home Disposal System

As an added measure, you may want to look at getting an Adult Incontinence Disposal System. These systems can make the disposal of incontinence products easy and efficient. A good example of one of these systems is the Janibell Akord Adult Incontinence Disposal System. This product has an advanced locking system, which contains odors within the unit. The hands-free design of this system makes it a great choice for numerous living settings. This system can hold up to 35 adult-sized briefs.